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This multimedia visual art exhibition curated by Rachel E. Maley is an exploration of how and why we construct self-identities, encompassing these ideas:

  • what we think of as our Self is a collection of many different things (objects, appearances, experiences, memories, performances, relations with other people)

  • the Self/identity is something we perform externally in order to interact with other people

  • the Self/identity is performed internally BY ourselves, FOR ourselves

  • representations of ourselves that we put out in the world (in conversation, in images, in superficial connections) can only ever be an “-ish” version of who we consider ourselves to be

SELF-ISH includes a variety of media and voices expressing conceptions of race, gender, and belief, including Kathryn Eli, Bill Ellis!!, Brian Garbrecht, Atoi Glennette, Katherine Grace Maley, R.E. Maley, Han Nicole Martin, Mitzi Melaine, T. Sit, and Jamie Tubbs.


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