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LAB Community

11 S. Spring Street, Elgin, IL 60120

The lab houses a full professional photographic darkroom of over 150 square feet. The darkroom is suitable for the development of film and the printing of black and white enlargements using up to 4x5 inch negatives (Sprint chemistry provided). A large wet sink and safe lights make the darkroom suitable for any number of alternative processes as well.


Equipment includes:

84 x 30 inch stainless steel wet sink

2 hot and cold water taps

1 temperature regulation water panel

Sink level ventilation system

Task lighting

Safe lights

2 Omega D2 4x5 inch enlargers with lenses

16x20 inch universal printing frame

Small quick printing frames

Paper safes

Large quantity of developing trays

Patterson round developing tanks

18 square feet of dry work table space



Process suitability:

B&W Film development (Sprint chemistry provided)

Color film development (user supplies chemistry)

B&W Print development (Sprint chemistry provided)

Alternative process paper coating (user supplied materials)

Alternative process exposure (future exposure unit)

Private Lessons available. $40 per hour (1 hour minimum), student provides supplies. To find out more about private lessons, please contact us HERE.

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