Side Street Studio Arts employs highly experienced, professional artist-educators to facilitate all workshops, and educational classes, and programs, of whom we stand by wholeheartedly. With mixed-aged classes in particular, we encourage parents of younger artists to carefully reflect on whether their young artist is able to learn and create in an environment where adult students are present. We ensure that classrooms are supervised by our talented staff of artist-educators, assuring that no class or presentation consists of gratuitous, or explicitly controversial images or terminology. Art, including instruction and discussion, is subjective. Therefore, all students must understand that some classes may involve themes, terminology, visual components, and experiences that may lie outside their own personal beliefs or feelings. We at Side Street Studio Arts take this very seriously. We pride ourselves in creating safer spaces for students of all ages to work, play, and develop their process and educational pursuits. If you have questions about any of our programming that may pertain to your student, child, family, or friend, feel free to reach out to us. 

*Some classes may contain adult themes, terminology, or visual components, including but not limited to classical works.


Community Moves has been the inspiring arts education and outreach arm of Core Project Chicago since 2009 and Side Street Studio Arts since 2015. Over the years, the organization has successfully worked with communities all over the United States to bring dance, media, and visual arts to young artists and new audiences. Community Moves staff became professional artists because of the educators who touched and continue to touch their lives. It is at the heart of the Community Moves mission to constantly work to inspire and give voice to a new generation of working artists and art-lovers, who will continue to expand, challenge and participate in the exciting world of art. 


Community Moves is not just for Kids! Check out our adult offerings

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Side Street Studio Art’s Small Wonders Arts Programming for Kids

Education through Exploration

This program offers scheduled classes, camps, private lessons, and free events for kids to explore multiple artistic disciplines including visual art, performance arts, and multimedia techniques with professional artist-educators. SW programming is equipped to accommodate all levels of experience for ages 4-16.


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Side Street now offers a variety of free and low-cost programs for adults and families. From our one-night Big Wonders, interdisciplinary arts workshops to multi-week focused medium classes in our new SSSA LAB space, our arts education programming is designed to complement your current skill set, expose you to brand new techniques, or allow you to grow creatively through artistic exploration.


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This ten-hour/week professional practice program is designed to find and explore different entrepreneurship and artistic methods.  Interns create CVs, biographies, exhibit/production proposals, artist statements/personal narratives, and statements of purpose, learning the unique content and purposes of each.  An exhibition or production will be created from an ongoing archive of the artist’s work.  With the guidance of Side Street Studio Arts’ Directors, artists will explore best practices for managing, editing, and installing work.

Artist-Internships are open to artists of all media and are highly individualized to ensure that each artist grows in the skills necessary for their particular practice and future goals.



The brand new Arts Administration Internship Program at Side Street Studio Arts will provide hands-on immersion in the daily operations of a growing arts organization in downtown Elgin. Interns will work closely with SSSA staff to have a rare opportunity to be immersed in many types of projects and work experiences, including event production, arts education, non-profit business management, and much more. These positions are best suited for those interested in exploring arts education, gallery management, performance/exhibition production, arts administration, or nonprofit management careers. Interns will work both on and off-site for a minimum of 10 hours a week for 6 to 12 months, starting January 2017. This internship is flexible and can be scheduled to accommodate other commitments and varying time frames. A $500-$1000 stipend is provided, as well as additional opportunities to earn money through teaching and/or other art exhibitions and performance opportunities. 

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Side Street Studio Arts’ Artist-in-Residence program fosters the work environment, mentorship, and self-promotion skills needed for an artist with an existing body of work to realize a project or idea as an exhibition, show, or complete piece.  

Artist residencies are focused on individualized attention and flexibility.  Designed ad hoc for each individual artist, residences range from several weeks to one year and include studio time to work in Side Street’s gallery space, individualized mentorship with artists in the Chicago area, instruction in self-promotion and portfolio development, and hands-on experience in arts administration.  Artists in Residence are immersed in Side Street’s artist community by volunteering for gallery events, leading workshops and classes, and making connections with Side Street’s extensive artist network.  


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