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Going Dutch Festival

The Going Dutch Festival is a celebration of female and nonbinary voices in the arts.

For years, Going Dutch has been inclusive of nonbinary artists, both as applicants and within the context the creative groups involved in the festival. However, this support had not yet made it into our mission, nor our committee, but we are now doing just that. The 13th Going Dutch Festival will be our first celebration of female and nonbinary voices in the arts. From the beginning, GD was about providing a platform for underrepresented artists, we honor that this term extends well beyond those who identify as female, and, in our current home of Elgin, IL, know that both female and nonbinary artists deserve this platform and support.

The Going Dutch Festival is produced by Side Street Studio Arts with support from the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission.



Opening reception, Friday, June 2, 2023

$5 suggested donation at the door


A performance by Christine Hands and Francesca Baron during the opening reception

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 9.58.36 PM.png


Meghan Thayer

Alison Balcanoff

Frances Hernandez

Zelda Vidal

Alisa Duda

Moriah Hoyt

Melina Scotte

Kathryn Eli

Rachel E. Maley

Natalie Pivoney

Sara Peak Convery



Going Dutch Festival Committee:

Going Dutch Festival Crew:

Special Thanks To: 

Erin Rehberg, Amanda Harris, Ivette De Santiago, Jess Rocha

Monty Etzcorn, Tanner Melvin, Erin Rehberg, Amanda Harris, Ivette De Santiago, Jess Rocha

Yesenia Arroyo, The Bouwmeester Family, Martini Room, Tanner Melvin, Spring Bird, Still Life Mediation

Going Dutch FAQ

Q. What is Going Dutch?

A. GD is a celebration of the female voice in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. When Core Project founded Going Dutch years ago, we were looking for a title that was about singularity and individualism, as so many female choreographers (only at that point) were underrepresented and/or lumped into larger regional or national representations. As Going Dutch has grown, expanded, and become a multi-disciplinary festival, the meaning has transitioned to represent the ideals of self-support, sustainability, and representation. Going Dutch was originally developed to address the underrepresentation of female choreographers in the dance world. As the idea grew into a festival over the years, it expanded to include the work of self-identified female artists working in music, theater, site-specific, and visual art as well as dance.

For artists: Going Dutch provides the platform, you provide the voice. Artists included in the festival get space, tech support, marketing, program inclusion, ticket support, stipend (for performing artists), 100% of sales (visual artists), event attendance and networking opportunities, and access to a decade-long community of GD artists.

Artists are responsible for the development, casting, rehearsal, creation, and presentation of their work. 

Stipend amounts are decided by the GD Committee based upon a number of factors within the submission: quality of the submission, description of work, number of performers, etc.


Q. When does the call for the GD festival go out?

A. December of the year before.


Q. What can I expect from a GD performance?

A. Each performance is 90 minutes or less and very different from one to the next. This allows you to spend the day with us, exploring different art modes, taking a chance on artists new to you, and supporting the creativity of these talented women. Some are one-woman shows, others are five different dance companies each showing one work, still others will jump from music to performance art to media. You will not see the same thing twice! New for 2019 and beyond, all performances will be held in non-traditional, intimate spaces, allowing the audience and the performances to create community. 


Q. Where is the Going Dutch Festival located?

A. For the fifth year, the festival will be hosted in various venues in downtown Elgin, approximately 40 miles outside of Chicago. Check out a map of downtown Elgin, including where all our FREE PARKING is located! 


Q. What does my festival pass get me?

A. Entrance to all GD activities! You can see all performances, take master classes, and attend special events. All for just $15. Upon purchase, your name will be on the guest list at the door of all selected events.

Q. Where is the visual art?

A. The visual art will be located in the Theater at Side Street Studio Arts, located at 15 1/2 Ziegler Ct.

Q. What Covid precautions are being taken?

A. We will be following all guidelines listed here.

Past GD

Take a glimpse into previous Going Dutch!

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