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In 2022, Side Street Studio Arts in collaboration with the Ghostly Podcast launched the Dark Matters podcast festival, a Weekend of Deep, Dark, and Demented Podcasts. The festival boasted live recordings of some of the best local dark-themed podcasts.

New for 2024, AUDIO MATTERS, a series of live podcasting events which brings the return of DARK MATTERS and introduces the new LAUGHING MATTERS and GRAY MATTERS. On February 24th Dark Matters will return as the first installment, followed by Laughing Matters (May 11th) a celebration of comedic podcasts, and Gray Matters (November 23rd), a celebration of informative podcasts. All three will be full day events highlighting the best that podcasting offers!



The Audio Matters events aim to open our local audience to new and interesting podcasts, and give podcasters the opportunity to not only expand their listenership, but to also experience feedback from a live audience.

All questions in regards to Audio Matters can be directed to Side Street Studio Arts Director of Special Projects, Nick Mataragas at

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