Out of concern for the safety and health of our community, and our genuine love for it, we at Side Street Studio Arts have decided to transform our onsite annual Battle Of The Bands series into a fully virtual one. Our maneuvering to a digital platform for 2020 is bittersweet. Our goal is to protect the nature of this beast, as well as create an innovative experience for both bands and audiences. This announcement marks a historic moment for all of us. We will miss the pits, the sharks, the heat and the sweat, but mostly we will miss you. We hope this opportunity will be of some solace for all of us. With the urge to see old and new faces, bang our heads to our new favorite song, and hope our new favorite band wins, we will gather… virtually. 
We still have our community. We still have each other. 

Sincerely, Erin and Tanner.



As Side Street Studio Arts kicks off its 7th year of Battle Of The Bands, we will be converting the events to a fully VIRTUAL contest. We will be accepting *2 SONGS EACH from regional bands (must be within a 50-mile radius) until WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th at 5pm. We will be accepting no more than 48 bands for this system. The first Virtual Battle begins Friday, May 29th at 5pm. Each week’s battle songs will be made available for listening and voting through our website. The audience will have until 9pm that night to listen and vote for their favorite song. The winning band/song of the week will move on directly to the Final Round, Saturday, August 8th. The amount of bands battling each week will max out at seven for logistical purposes. So, at full capacity we would have 6 new bands/songs to listen to for 8 weeks. The Final Virtual Battle will include a new song by the past winners. 



Side Street Studio Arts’ annual Battle of the Bands competition allows artists the freedom of expression and is designed to build support for the local music and art scenes. Bands from all over the area share their art, creativity, and audiences during this summer-long. Hone your craft, build a following!


Bands and Performance Dates will be announced online on Friday, May 22nd at 9am.

Rounds will consist of 8 Weeks, 1 winner each week. There are no semi or quarter finals. Each week is worth as much as the last. 
The Final Virtual Battle will culminate with a FINAL LIVE Listening Party: SATURDAY, August 8th at 5pm. Voting starts at 5pm, and will end at 9pm.

Battle Launch Dates*: ALL LAUNCH TIMES ARE 5PM. Voting ends at 9pm.


18 – Whüzy

15 – Lou heneise

8 – Foresight



20 – The Romantic Satire

16 – Homie Stock



5 - splits

4 – The Data Waves

1 - Swimshirt



14 – The Secret Lives

10 – 3 Posers

6 – Soaking Up Sandcastles



19 – The Mini Projects

9 – Hunter Funk’s Funk Hunters



12 – Dillie Jean

11 – Girl and The Star

3 - Milhouse



7 – Walrus Filter




17 – Pink Hotel

13 – Moore

SATURDAY, August 8th at 7pm - FINAL LIVE Listening Party.

Voting will end at 9pm.

Visit www.sidestreetstudioarts.org/battleofthebands to listen and vote.

*All dates/times subject to change.



1.    *THIS IS A "POPULAR VOTE" COMPETITION. All voting is done online. One winner will be chosen each week, moving on to the Final Battle.

2.    ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY. Any cover songs submitted for online display will not be accepted.

3.    ALL PARTICIPANTS are required to sign a Side Street Studio Arts BOTB contract and performer liability waiver which includes consent for SSSA usage of photos and audio recording for print and marketing materials.

4.    *VOTING: Voting will be done online via the Side Street Studio Arts website, www.sidestreetstudioarts.org/battleofthebands. Users will be able to vote ONCE. We know this isn’t perfect, which is why for the first time we will be hosting a 5-person panel of judges. Judges votes will account for 15% of the final tally for each round. Listeners can cast their vote online ONLY during the dates/times of each battle. Voting will end promptly at 9pm each Battle Night. All digital voting will be monitored by SSSA Staff. Any digital tampering or actions deemed as "voter fraud" by a performer, relative, friend, or acquaintance of any battling group on behalf of the group will result in disqualification for the entire performing group. 

5.    ANNOUNCEMENT OF BATTLE WINNERS will occur at 9am the following morning of each battle on our website and all social media platforms. 

6.    *Past Winners of the Battle Of The Bands are ineligible for entry in their original lineup and/or name.

7.    SSSA does NOT encourage band members to assemble during this time of COVID19. Our hopes are to provide a platform and opportunity to generate followers and money for the bands through the hosting of songs, and the ability to congregate online.

8.    BANDS and PERFORMANCE DATES, determined by a random draw, will be published online on Friday, May 22nd at 9am. The winner of each week automatically move on to the Final Battle. (Winners will have already submitted their Final Battle song, therefore there is no need to submit anything else.) All bands are responsible for and urged to push the marketing and promotion of their designated battle dates to insure optimal exposure and voting numbers. 

9.    Accepted/Participating bands are responsible for submitting their own songs, in MP3 format, via the submission form below. Each song must be labeled as follows:
BAND NAME – SONG TITLE – WEEK NUMBER, i.e. “Week 1” and/or “Final Battle.” This is to insure that you have the song you prefer in the correct performance. 

•    The winner of each week will receive $100 from Side Street Studio Arts!
•    Final Battle Winner will receive $200 and a future performance slot at SSSA, TBD.

All submissions must be received by Wednesday, May 20th at 5pm. No late submissions will be accepted. 
For questions or concerns, please contact: 

847-429-2276 x 702


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