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For helpful information on preparing your work for hanging and other exhibition resources please visit here.








We are looking for the very best in dark-genre podcasts. Whether your show is paranormal, true crime, audio drama, dark fiction, or something else dark and sinister, we want to consider it for DARK MATTERS 2023. Selected shows will be presented on either February 4th or 5th.
If you think your show would be a good fit, and would love to present it live in front of an audience, we encourage you to submit!

Click here to submit!

Soul Food

Soul food – food for your soul to survive. From modest ingredients evolved complex, hearty, and delicious cuisine. Every ethnic group has what it calls “soul food” - soothing comfort food that connects us to precious memories of childhood, first dates, holidays, grandmother’s kitchen, our country of ancestry, etc... For the layperson, the term “soul food” might mean African-American cuisine, but it’s deeper than that. It’s food that connects us to our roots and has the power to nurture and heal.

Click here to learn more about the show

Year 10

Side Street Studio Arts seeks artworks to celebrate our tenth anniversary! This is a big year in our history and we plan to celebrate accordingly! This is a juried call to all artists working in any medium to participate.

Click here to submit!

Off The Wall 3

OFF THE WALL aims to create space for non-traditional and alternative 3D works that utilize conventional and non-conventional installation procedures. Textiles, kinetic works, clay, ironwork... any artwork in the Third Dimension may be submitted.


This exhibit is open to the public August 4 - 27, with an Opening Reception Friday, August 4 from 6-9pm.

Click here to submit!

¿Estamos…?  (We Are…?)

In observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, Side Street Studio Arts seeks entries for ¿Estamos…?  (We Are…?)


This is a call for art from any artist to answer the question of identity and place in the community and is open to your interpretation: What defines you? What defines your heritage? What is an enduring trait or characteristic of you? Do you have a feeling or sentiment in response to political, economic or social concerns? How do you see yourself in the world; how do you see yourself collectively as part of a group?

Click here to submit!


Fringe is back in Elgin September 1-10, 2023. Calls for visual art are now open and will close on March 1. Please visit the Elgin Fringe Festival by following the link below to learn more about the festival and how to apply!

Click here to submit!

Something Wicked...

Side Street Studio Arts' 11th Annual Something Wicked; a variety of arts media whose subject matter is meant to instill a combined sense of wonder, awe and perhaps a little dread in the City of Elgin's art scene. 


This exhibition is open to the public October 6 - October 29, with an opening reception Friday, October 6 from 6-10pm. 

Click here to submit!


If you have an idea, we're all ears. Please download this document and follow it step-by-step to provide the necessary documents in order to submit an exhibition proposal.

Once that is done we will review your submission and contact you regarding our decision/next steps.

Click here to download a layout of the gallery space or the theater space. This will help if you plan to submit a floor plan with your proposal.

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