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Mary Sweeney - Artist Staff

Mary Sweeney (she/her/hers). Born in California and raised in Chicagoland, Mary graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a B.A. in Theatre Design and a concentration in Scenic Painting. She has shared her love of art with children by teaching art classes and spearheading a charity to paint murals in Guatemala to promote education as well as creativity. When she’s not working, Mary uses her certification in floral design along with her appreciation for the macabre to combine found objects with floral patterns that incorporate both the dark and light-hearted sides of life (Check it out at @Horror_Floral). Life is not all art centric, though, because Mary makes sure to get outdoors to rock climb and bask in the beauty of nature. She is excited to bring her skills and passion to Side Street Studio Arts to learn and grow with all the wonderful people in its community.


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