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John French

J.E. French works primarily in painting and illustration, his work is detail oriented that spans multiple bodies of work, genres, and styles from real and surreal to the abstract.

John French has a Bachelors Degree of Graphic Design and applied sciences from WestWood College. He has been working in education teaching and Instructing courses on Painting, Drawing, and the visual arts as well as private lessons since 2014. Additionally French works as a freelance artist privately and commercially, commissions including murals, faux finishes, and other Miscellaneous custom art.

French has performed in several live painting events Elgin Art showcase Holiday show of 2015, ArtBattle Toronto Expo in 2016, Watch City Anniversary Show in 2018, Live Painting at the Gale Borden Library in 2018. Competing in the Ultimate Painting Art Battle International finals French ranks in the top 20 of 2015 and the top 8 of 2016 for World speed painting.


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