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Hallie Sanclemente Morrison - Advocacy Coordinator

Hallie Sanclemente Morrison is an interdisciplinary artist-scholar, teacher, curator, muralist, and community organizer. Hallie is a first-generation Colombian-American with indigenous Guatemalan roots, and deeply reveres Mother Earth’s voice. Hallie is the founder of “The Great Listening,” an Elgin-based group dedicated to spotlighting and sharing wisdom from Indigenous leaders and Mother Earth herself, to restore how we collectively live in reciprocity with all of our natural relations. Hallie serves on the board of Midwest SOARRING Foundation, as a Community Catalyst with Elgin’s Elevating Equity grassroots grant program, and more. Hallie holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MA in Creative Process with concentrations in Art Therapy and Art Education from the University in Ireland.

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