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Claire Noland: Body in Motion

Body in Motion encapsulates the artistic transformation of Artist-Intern Claire Noland. Her work attacks and rebuilds self-imposed ideals and environmental expectations purely in spite of their negative intentions. Small vignettes expose the artist's intimate journey of self-discovery and emit a new light on perceived beauty and emerging sexuality.

With a background in a traditional art-making process, Noland strives to reformat her past works into new pieces that are more reflective of personal dramatic change. This exhibition takes old work, both conceptually and physically, to a new standard of multimedia. All pieces, except for one, repurpose an old idea, an old frame, or a reused canvas to make it new. All pieces expose the artist’s true nature, and in a sense, they are all self-portraits.

Noland is a 19-year-old, Elgin-based multimedia artist. Upon deferring her college acceptance to New York University in 2020, she began her dual internship with Side Street Studio Arts. Working as an Arts Administration and Artist Intern, she developed Body in Motion as a final, holistic compilation of her artistic journey over the past year.

The show runs 6/18-6/27

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