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A Constellation Of Scars


Curious Art Glass

Painted and Fire-stained Glass

"A Constellation Of Scars…
One definition of TATTOO from Merriam Webster: to mark the skin with scar tissue intentionally created by cutting, abrading, or burning the skin.
This triptych was inspired by one of the most widely circulated photographs of the Civil War, the1863 image of Gordon, “Whipped Peter”. His punishment for running away was the ultimate “bad tattoo”.
This shocking image made slavery’s brutality impossible to deny, swaying many white Northerners against the horrors of slavery. These were people, not property.
My painted and fired stained glass triptych shows Peter flanked by traditional tattoo symbols, snake and barn swallow, representing the life force and hope.
Lest we forget, for Black History Month, through the eyes of a stained glass / tattoo artist.

Micah / Curious Art Glass"

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