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Fiona Murphy: This is Home

This is Home surrounds identity, its formation amidst the neighborhood one grows up in, and the lasting effects both have on one’s mental landscape. “This is Home” refers to both the physical embodiment of home in one’s house and neighborhood, as well as the home inside their head. Many of the artist's childhood experiences were shaped by the religious communities to which her family belongs, and in this show, she chronicles the lasting effect that has had on the personality, actions, and psyche.

Fiona Murphy is a college art student blending illustrative 2-D mediums with 3-D installations and sculptural works. She primarily lives on the Southside of Chicago and uses her experiences growing up there to fuel her art-making, focusing especially on the interaction between mental health and one's surroundings, such as religious environments in urban spaces.

Fiona currently attends Hamilton College, majoring in studio art and minoring in art history and cinema and media studies. She based this show on her experience moving out of her Catholic, Midwestern community and attending the first secular school of her educational career. This show intends to explore the balance between empathy and critique, faith and reason, personal spirituality, and inherited tradition. She hopes you take a moment to both questions and reaffirm your own faith experience.

The show runs 8/13-8/29 in the upstairs lobby at 15 1/2 Ziegler Ct, Elgin, IL 60120.


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