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Side Street's ADR program was developed to aid in the long-term, goal-oriented educational process; a bank of resources and tools to foster constructive and critical learning and development as artists, performers, educators, and social entrepreneurs. Learn more by checking out our workshops, weekly posts, and video tutorials. 


Articles and Sites

2,500 Museums You Can Now Visit Virtually

If you’re feeling hungry for art while you’re stranded at home, here are our 12 selections out of 2,500 world-class museums and galleries that are now offering virtual tours and online collections.

Artists in 18 Major US Museums Are 85% White and 87% Male, Study Says

In response, artist and data journalist Mona Chalabi offered her version of what the composition of a museum collection should look like if it were to represent the entire population.

Picturing Accessibility: Art, Activism and Physical Disabilities

The four lessons in this series focus on public design and accessibility. Students will learn about the interaction between art and activism. They will use language and literacy skills to understand what ableism is and why it is important.

Illinois Arts Council Agency

What We Do

The Illinois Arts Council Agency serves the people of Illinois through a variety of grants and services, primarily geared to: 

  • Support Illinois' Arts Sector: Operating and technical support provided to organizations and programs statewide helps keep Illinois’ arts sector vital, vibrant, and accessible to all.

  • Advance Arts Education: The arts can be a part of the education of every single child in this state through the programs, services, partnerships, and collaborations of the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 

  • Foster Creativity and Working Artists: Resources, opportunities, and direct support for the work of individual artists -- the foundation of Illinois' creative environment.

Exhibition Preparation

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