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OFF THE WALL 2K22 showcases non-traditional and alternative works that utilize conventional and non-conventional installation procedures, including but not limited to: textiles, kinetic works, clay, ironwork, energy (sound and light), projection... any artwork in the 3rd dimension or other hybrid forms.

Exhibited artists include:

Calye Johnson Cee Kellermann Christian Ulloa Dean Krueger Emily Casella Erin Cramer Ivette De Santiago Janelle O'Malley Kathryn Fredrickson Madeline Paakkonen Mauve Wallace (work shown here) Michael F Gallagher Nathan Margoni Nicholas Pengiel Ola Holubowicz Suzanne Strom Therese Kolodzik Thương Hoài Trần Victoria Kowalczyk with Pamela Maurer and Tanner Melvin


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