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Going Dutch Festival

Side Street Studio Arts presents the 9th annual Going Dutch Festival - a celebration of the female voice in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. Join us for three days of exhibitions, workshops, and performances now located in the heart of downtown Elgin at Side Street Studio Arts, Imago, Eastern Groove Studio, and Martini Room.

Q. What can I expect from a GD performance? A. Each performance is 90 minutes or less and very different from one to the next. This allows you to spend the day with us, exploring different art modes, taking a chance on artists new to you, and supporting the creativity of these talented women. Some are one-woman shows, others are five different dance companies each showing one work, still others will jump from music to performance art to media. You will not see the same thing twice! New for 2019, all performances will be held in non-traditional, intimate spaces, allowing the audience and the performances to create community.


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