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48-hour film challenge

This Halloween... only the dark matters.

The Dark Matters 48-Hour Horror Film Challenge is a fast-paced experience where filmmakers are challenged to create a completed short-horror film within an amazingly short amount of time, all the while networking with other artists virtually in real-time, creating a new and exciting experience, and pushing themselves to the extreme. From classic slasher to found footage, Dark Matters opens itself to any and all thirsting to create and dying to tell their story.

The terror begins Friday, October 23rd @6pm

Live ZOOM premiere event will be hosted on Halloween, Saturday, October 31st at 6pm.

Horror Awards include:

Best Scream

Best Kill

Best Gore

Best Scare

Best Original Concept

Best Villain

Best Music

Best Acting

Best Script

Best Director

Best Lighting

Best Costumes

Best Set Design/Dressing

Best Director


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