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Black Then, Black Now, Black in the Middle...

Black Then, Black Now, Black in the Middle... In honor of Black History Month.

Featuring work by: Jae Green Dan Nelson Ram Brisueno Sydney Isley TIm Cooper Jr Evan Kuhn Lindsay Johnson Kristin Childs H. Landon Williams Anna Gosciejew chris block Adreenah "Dreezy" Wynn (Collaboration with Ivette De Santiago) Freddrick D. Wimms and a number of works from the Side Street permanent collection

​This exhibition will comprise both an open call to all artists and an invitational component of regional artists curated by Elgin-based artist Freddrick D. Wimms and SSSA Exhibitions Committee. In the hopes of furthering dialog in our community and about celebrating Black culture, Freddrick has put together a statement to prompt artists working in any medium for this open call:


Black Then - Black Culture was born from the darkness of slavery, but in the midst of the darkness, so many extraordinary things have risen.

Black Now - Black Culture is celebrated across this country and across the globe - all that Black Culture is, all of its fruits are consumed by the world over. At the same time, people of Black Culture are marginalized by decades of injustice - in law, education, in wealth and in opportunity.

Black in the Middle - Black Culture is defined in the search and demand for Equality.

Black Then, Black Now, Black In the Middle…

Black Culture is as American as Apple Pie and the American Flag. It is the fabric.

Why is Black not equated with American? Why is the American Dream a dream deferred?

Black Culture was born in darkness, but so much greatness has come in spite of it. Beautiful, expressive, magical.


Opening Reception: Friday, February 5 - 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-6pm Sundays 11am-3pm or by appointment

This exhibition is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


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