Sub Veintiuno (Sub 21) is a juried art showcase for Latino artists 21 years of age and younger.

The goal of the Sub 21 showcase is to introduce fresh faces to the Elgin art scene and expose them to new and exciting possibilities through the arts. We invite all artists and their families to attend the 2019 Sub 21 opening reception and award ceremony.


SALES POLICY:  SSSA does NOT take commission for art sales.  If a work is purchased during the opening, it will remain on the gallery wall until the following day, when the purchaser may pick it up.  At that time, the artist is welcome to submit a similar-sized piece to take its place on the gallery wall for viewing and potential sale at a reduced rate of $5 submission fee.  If a work is sold during regular gallery hours, the artist will be contacted by the following business day to replace the work, if inclined.  Otherwise, SSSA reserves the right to fill the wall space with a different work.    Based upon our experiences with our cliental, we encourage you to provide lower-cost companion pieces (prints, matted prints, etc.) along with your selected exhibited works that we will keep available for purchase throughout the duration of the exhibition.    *Please note, sales tax will be taken out of the total sale amount.  Please price your works accordingly.  The current Kane County tax rate is 8.25%.  SSSA continues to remain in contact with artists and patrons following our exhibitions.  If SSSA facilitates the sale of any work from an artist previously featured in a SSSA exhibition, we follow a separate commission structure: 70% to the Artist/30% to SSSA.  Additionally, we are happy to offer pick up and delivery services, if necessary, for a small fee depending on the location(s) of pick up and delivery.  Please contact SSSA for a list of delivery fees.  By agreeing to show your work at SSSA you agree to the above sales policies.  Once work is signed in at SSSA, prices cannot be changed, additional works may not be added (unless requested by SSSA), and work may not be removed by the artist prior to the end of the exhibition (unless approved by SSSA).

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