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Yesenia Arroyo

Yesenia Arroyo - I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in art. Art was always my calling since I was young. It was my peace and a way to find my place in the world. Throughout my art-making, I will never say it is easy to be an artist. Every artwork I make has lots of passion put through it as the art will always be my calling. My go-to artmaking is realism since I always loved seeing people taking a photograph and replicating it with a pencil. I am learning how to make twists and turns with my artwork because there’s always so much to learn with art. I gained so much knowledge throughout the years from learning from myself and others who have guided me on what it means to be an artist with passion. My artwork will always be filled with a passion so I hope others will see it radiate whenever viewing my art. I hope that furthering my education at Northern Illinois University in Art Education will further my reasoning as to why I want to demonstrate to others the beauty of art-making.


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