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Suffering Organic Impairments

Horror Floral encourages you to discover the inherent beauty in death and returning to nature.

If you missed opening night, don't fret! The full show will be up February 7th to 29th and open to the public/free.

Death Chat with a Mortician: Christy Chiappone: Sunday February 9th 1-3pm, $10 suggested donation at door.

Tarantula Pinning Workshop by Morbid Orchid Co: Saturday February 15th 1-3pm, $40 includes specimen, sytrofoam, instruction. Must email to reserve a spot.

Collaboration artists: Doug Hanson Rachel Elizabeth Maley Kathryn Eli Jess Rocha Fredd Wimms ... and more

Supported in part by: Elgin Cultural Arts Commission Illinois Arts Council Agency


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