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Kirstin Dunlap - Artist Staff

Kirstin is a printmaker and bookmaker currently attending Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York where she is working towards her MFA. Previously, Kirstin attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she found her love for prints and books. Her practice focuses on what we know and don't know about all that the universe holds outside of our own atmosphere. These larger-than-life astrological concepts are transformed into a work that helps the audience grasp it on a more colloquial level.

While in Chicago, she grew a love for zines and the DIY print scene. This love sparked Dunce Cap Press to be created. Dunce Cap Press is a fine art and textile screen printing and risograph press, working with artists, galleries, and other creatives to create editions and merchandise.

To find her work and learn more about Dunce Cap Press please visit below:

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