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Adrian Mesino

Adrian Mesino - Artist/Illustrator living in Elgin IL. Focusing on watercolor painting and themes of nature, Mesinos series the Books of Flowers creates a familiar cannon of characters in a vast imaginary scenes inspired by the surrounding forest and prairies of the Illinois landscape. Enrolled in RMCAD School for Illustration in 2019 Mesino is sef to graduate in 2022 with a BFA.Adrian has been a proud member of the Elgin arts community and joined Side Street Studio Arts in 2017 as a Summer Artist Intern. In 2018 he was co-Assistant Director with Kira Fox, and in 2019 served as the stand-in Latinx Outreach Coordinator until 2020. Now, Mesino serves on the SSSA Board of Directors, teaches classes, and supports local artists through community engagement.




PC: Joshua Smith

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