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 Gallery Hours:

Exhibit opens Friday 4/2

Saturdays 12-6pm

Sundays 11-3pm

Masks are Required, no exceptions allowed. 

Metamorphosis is an exhibition of artwork from four artists who currently reside at Dixon Correctional Center in Dixon, Illinois - William Lopez, Fermin Barron, Nickolas Haselrig, and Julio Sanchez.

This artwork reflects their own transition: a journey from the person they once were when initially incarcerated to the person that they are now.

They have described their art practice to be therapeutic and meditative.

Lopez says “Art keeps me focused, helps me keep my sanity and it keeps me out of trouble. I went from being the uncle that’s in prison to the uncle who’s an artist.”

These artists are all self-taught and work as instructors sharing their talent by teaching those around them who have an interest in art.

Side Street Studio Arts has been working with William Lopez to
organize this exhibition and we are excited to share their artwork.

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