Firing greenware, bisque with underglaze, and glazed ceramic pottery.


Drop off your pieces at SSSA Supply (13 S. Spring St. Elgin, IL) and we will fire for you! You may also arrange to load the kiln yourself.


We will have regularly scheduled firings but will do our best to help you meet your need.


Our Kiln Skutt Model 1027-3, 7 cu. ft. interior with digital controls.


  • Minimum Firing Charges $25

  • Flat pieces may require special fees due to the extra shelves involved.

  • Express firings may require an extra fee.

  • The firing fee is based on the maximum dimension. View fee schedule HERE.

  • For multiple pieces, usually our half or full kiln fee is more economical:

    • Bisque & up to cone 5:  Full load $50 Half load $25

    • Cone 6-10:  Full load $120 Half load $60


Higher than Cone 6 Glazes may not be fired on a regular schedule and may take a longer to get fired.  

LAB Open Hours:


First Fridays 6-10pm or

by appointment

*or by appointment


"Thanks to Jane Erlandson, all my little pots survived my first glaze firing. Now I know things I did right and wrong, and what glazes I do and don't like. Next firing, mugs!"


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