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Side Street Studio Arts and Going Dutch present Alien Spouse, with performances on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29 at 8pm and Sunday, June 30 at 6pm in Backspace at Side Street, located at 15 ½ Ziegler Ct., downtown Elgin.

Alien Spouse is a performance born of the ongoing experience of Going Dutch’s first residency artist of 2024 Luiza Moraes as she navigates her fresh relocation to the US. Having just gone through the process of applying for a marriage-based Green Card, she has become acutely aware of the skill with which legal and bureaucratic protocols create obstacles for immigrants that border the absurd. As an artist, she has the tools and a topic to fuel her creative process. Making use of the space that Going Dutch has granted her, she would like to invite you to look. The work-in-progress performance is a blend of dance, lecture, healing ritual, and dreamscape. Somewhere between legal forms and dance parties, the hope is to spread information to those who don’t know what the process is like and to honor the experience of those who do.


Friday, June 28th at 8pm


Saturday, June 29th at 8pm 


Sunday, June 30th at 6pm

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